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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2011|11:53 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

I became a fan of Dracula this past fall and stumbled across this community today, so here I am.

1) Your username and why you picked it. Mash-up of my name and initials.
2) Gender? Female.
3) Age?
4) Blood Type? O... something. The most common one.
5) Why are you a Dracula fan? I like the novel because of: the selfless love, friendship, and loyalty between the Fellowship of the Crucifix (as I call the team of vampire hunters), the mystery and darkness surrounding Jonathan's stay in the castle, the novelty of seeing the heroes as the hunters rather than the hunted in the Return phase of The Hero's Journey, how Mina's psychic link with Dracula reminds me of Harry Potter and Voldemort, and the feminism of how the men's misogynistic chivalry regarding Mina completely backfires. It also contains the sexiest passage in all of literature, but this does not mean I ship Mina Harker with her metaphorical rapist.
6) The Best Vampire Film You’ve Ever Seen? None. Does the Dracula  ballet count?
7) The Worst Vampire Film You’ve Ever Seen? None, but based on the 7 chapters of Twilight I foolishly forced myself to be read before I couldn't take it anymore, I'm sure it would be one of them. *shudder*
8) Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?  Peppermint pattie
9) Random Fact About Yourself?  I am a TV Tropes addict trying to quit the habit.
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Vampire: The Requiem and Dracula [Nov. 29th, 2007|07:30 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

I'm not sure if there are any fans of the World of Darkness games in this community, but I was wondering what folks think of the Ordo Dracul and Rites of the Dragon.
More about the Ordo DraculCollapse )
I just finished reading Rites of the Dragon a couple of days ago. It is one of the better fiction books to come out of White Wolf in several years. It is also a nice touch that it can be used "in game" as part of the storyline (written in-character by the founder of the Ordo Dracul). Written by Greg Stolze (A Hunger Like Fire) it is probably one of my favorite twists of the Dracula mythos to date.

Anyway, has anyone else read either of these books?
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Help [Nov. 19th, 2007|10:30 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

 Hello there, all.

For some bizarre reason I decided to start on a novel-length Dracula fanfic at the same time I'm trying to write an original novel for Nanowrimo.  I need a content beta, someone to look over what I've got and give me some feedback.  I'm not sensitive--if you want to sink your teeth in and really pull it apart, I would bless the ground you walk on.

I'm a rotten critic myself, but I'm good with grammar and style if you need that kind of a beta in return.

My story is a time-flipping kind of thing, set between 1968 and the events of the movie (with serious nods to the novel), and I think will eventually have some events from the Crusades in it as well.  Fairly tame at the moment, but I'm kind of shooting for disturbing.


(Sorry for anyone who has to read this twice: I crossposted this over at Whitby Library.)
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Bakersfield Zombie Walk [Nov. 12th, 2007|08:00 pm]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

[Current Location |Bakersfield California]
[Current Mood |predatorypredatory]

Scientists warn the public that there will be a zombie infestation at 6 AM on Tuesday 25th, of December.

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Vlad Dracula was meaner and crazier than Courtney Love during an intervention… [Nov. 7th, 2007|01:28 pm]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans


 ...but he may have been victim of the first mass market smear campaign.  Also, he looked like the unholy lovechild of Yanni.  Discover these and other terrible secrets in my funny Drac book, Sundays with Vlad ( www.vladlives.com ). 


Or just come by my blog at http://paulbibeau.livejournal.com and say hello.

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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2006|02:35 pm]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

Surely, Dracula fans, there are some among you who enjoy writing or reading Dracula fan fiction, or drawing Dracula fan art. But, up until now there has been no community to post such things. Well, now there is.

whitby_library is a community for Dracula fanworks, whether based on the novel or one of the many adaptations of it. So join, post, read, and have fun!
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2006|12:07 pm]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

I saw that quite some time ago there was talk of starting up a livejournal Dracula RPG here, but that never seemed to get started, and recently a friend and I created another, this one a post Dracula AU. I do hope any fans of the Dracula novel here who enjoy RPing will take a look at it, as it promises to be quite interesting and we would love to have you!

Read more...Collapse )

Very few canon characters are claimed, and we also allow original characters. If you're interested and would like more information, please visit carfax_asylum!
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Hello [Aug. 16th, 2005|01:57 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans
Greetings and salutions.
I am new here and I also have a new communitie called
Vladimir Tepes
Please come see and join.
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Back From the Land Beyond the Forest [Jun. 4th, 2005|12:18 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans

[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |"Red Apples", Smog]

Hello, all.

I've returned from my vacation in Romania (specifically, Transylvania), so things can pick up on the Borgo Pass once more. I had intended to post some pictures of the country (particularly those of Vlad Tepes' birthplace and statue) but a family member currently has the photo album in their office so no such luck today.

I'd also like to announce that, inspired by member kit_maxel's brilliance, I am considering running a livejournal Dracula RPG. Of course, I would need enough people interested in order to do so. I don't have a cut-and-dry plan of how it will manifest in terms of plot exactly, but if you or your friends are keen on the idea and would like to brainstorm the possibilities, I'd be very pleased.

Noapte buna,
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2005|02:32 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans
1) Your username and why you picked it. It's my name, but don't ask me why I chose to use my real name on LJ. I don't anywhere else. Dang aliens abducted mah brain again, Momma. Yup.
2) Gender? Female. I was going to say "femme fatale" to be clever, but then I remembered I'm about as "fatale" as a fence post.
3) Age?
4) Blood Type? O+
5) Why are you a Dracula fan? I've been a fan of vampire lore ever since before I really understood what a vampire was. The various interpretations of Dracula made me realize that I wasn't crazy in the head - the character was sensual AND frightening and those concepts weren't mutually exclusive! Who knew?
6) The Best Vampire Film You’ve Ever Seen? The 1922 silent Nosferatu. Scares the behemoth out of me because it's so wildly unnerving. A close second would be Shadow Of The Vampire.
7) The Worst Vampire Film You’ve Ever Seen? Don't get me started on Van Helsing! Granted, Richard Roxburgh is fine for the eyes, but the movie itself was utter tripe. As was Dracula 2000. I think the only thing that separated the latter from an episode of the Power Rangers was the eye candy that is Gerard Butler.
8) Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?  Cold Stone Creamery's (I always want to say Stone Cold Steve Austin Creamery...don't you?) "Birthday Cake" ice cream is probably laced with some kind of mind control agent. It's that good, and I just don't know how it's possible if it isn't nefarious.
9) Random Fact About Yourself? I can sing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" backwards *and* I have my own web design business. I'm a bargain, I tell ya! ;)
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