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Help [Nov. 19th, 2007|10:30 am]
The Borgo Pass: A Community for Dracula Fans


 Hello there, all.

For some bizarre reason I decided to start on a novel-length Dracula fanfic at the same time I'm trying to write an original novel for Nanowrimo.  I need a content beta, someone to look over what I've got and give me some feedback.  I'm not sensitive--if you want to sink your teeth in and really pull it apart, I would bless the ground you walk on.

I'm a rotten critic myself, but I'm good with grammar and style if you need that kind of a beta in return.

My story is a time-flipping kind of thing, set between 1968 and the events of the movie (with serious nods to the novel), and I think will eventually have some events from the Crusades in it as well.  Fairly tame at the moment, but I'm kind of shooting for disturbing.


(Sorry for anyone who has to read this twice: I crossposted this over at Whitby Library.)